“Here I am, send me”

These are famous words from Isaiah responding to the call of God in his life. Not a pleasant call, but the one that the spirit had laid upon him. There is a lot of things that makes me think about. One, is that when God opens our eyes to something, it will haunt us until we answer it. But the deeper thing that God has been speaking into my life lately, and another thing I glean from this scripture, is the immediacy of responding to what God puts in front of us. We spend so much time preoccupied with what’s to come that we miss the now way too often. Jesus tells us not to worry about the future for a number of reasons. Worry, no matter how you frame it, is a lack of faith. I worry a lot. It keeps us always planning, always scheming and ever missing what God needs us to do now. It plays into our fear and control issues, where WE are the ones trying to plan and control our future lives and not God. I know we need to save some and think down the road a little, but if I really think about it, those things are easy if I am content and generous now with what God has given me. This discontentment and worry in our bones is only magnified by the modern life and religion of consumerism. We’re always looking to the next thing, and spend very little aware or satisfied with the now. What if we just said “yes” to what God calls us to each day? What if we responded to the needs of those around us today? What if we just started moving with God instead of trying to figure it all out? What if it really was that simple? We many not be able to help everyone our heart breaks for today, but we can help those who God puts in our path. God has been working on me hard on this one. I should clarify that God doesn’t call us to say “yes” to everything that gets asked of us each day, but calls us to see it through the lens of the spirit. It isn’t always easy to know in the moment what is a distraction and what God is desiring from us, but as we are continually searching and listening I believe God will give us the discernment we need. So today, I pray we all can look for and see the holiness around us, and that God has called us to the “now” of abiding in Him. Let us continually respond to the immediacy of the spirit’s movement…


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