Jesus in Disguise

Short thoughts today, tired, but wanted to stay at the practice of getting something down…
I love the song “Jesus in Disguise” by Brandon Heath. The title is easy prey for the goofiness in me (the irreverent part of me is picturing Jesus as an undercover agent or just playing a trick on someone), but the meaning in the song resonates with so many experiences I’ve had. There have been so many times over the years where I’ve been counseling or praying with someone, or been in a missional atmosphere, or some random place when the situation was bigger than what I knew what to do with. And yet, God’s presence has shown up in words or actions I’m not sure I had the wisdom or ability for. I’ve been speaking/preaching many times when a connection or point was given to me that was better than anything I had searched for in my preparation. These divine interventions always humble me and bring me to my knees. It’s always a blessing and overwhelming when I know that I’ve been an instrument of the Almighty. God enables the willing and broken. I praise God for his power that moves in me and around me when the stakes are high, and I praise Him for the awareness and sensitivity He gives us to His movement as we draw nearer to Him…


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