3 Ways to Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  Today is a day of remembrance for me.  Lindsay and I are NOT gifters for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  We just really don’t express love that way.  I’m not knocking those that do go “all out”, it just isn’t our “bag”.

However, I was still reflecting this morning on how I love my wife.  Don’t fret….they are really simple.

1. I love her uniqueness.  The things that I (or anyone else) can’t replicate.  This would also include her unique expressions of how she loves me.


2. I love her uniquely.  The things that no other person can replicate.   Simply understand that I have special ways/expressions that were gifted to me to express to her.


3.  I love her in reciprocation.  These are the ways that we share how to express love.  We both have this ability, and it is exponentially better for both of us when the other gives it back.


with humility….and love.

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