Complimentary Confusion

So I have my views.  Sit down and lend me your ear, and you regret it if you had anything planned within the hour.  So I’m not opposed to strong views/opinions/beliefs or anything else that you’d yell at.


But, sometimes we have those (sometimes public) people that express our views in way that are hateful/arrogant/prideful/malicious.  I get the hyperbolic nature of the media and public people, but we tend to ignore the fact that they are on “our team”.


If I believe that homosexuality is sin so I have to deal with the guy yelling “God hates fags”.  Although I don’t feel this way, for me to ignore it is either ignorant or apathetic.  Either way, I don’t want to be either.  Democrats point out the most bigoted Republican and the Republicans point out the most “Leninist” Democrat, but neither try to reconcile the idiots on their side.  I think so much more could be done if we started to deal/reconcile those that speak out for us.  I need to criticize those that are speaking out for me that is counter to the nature of why I’m “fighting” for something in the first place.


If you are conservative, you need to start calling out your arrogant/ignorant leaders.

Liberals, do the same.

Educators, do the same.

Christians, do the same.

Atheists, do the same.

Don’t convince yourself, that they are a necessary evil for the “cause”.  (THERE ARE NO NECESSARY EVILS)


I’m learning to start calling out those I agree with.  I’m finding I don’t even have time to argue with those I disagree with.


With Humility.


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