“Passion for God and Compassion for People”

“What the world needs are those that have passion for God and compassion for people”

-jon tyson

So Jesus is our intercessory to God. Simply stated: Jesus is our entry point.

He is the “negotiator”.
He is the “middle man”.
He is the our “speed pass”.
He is our “bullet sponge”.
He is our “wing man”.

Ok before I state something heretical or offensive, He (Jesus) is our “in” when it comes to our relationship with the Father.

So if that’s the case and we are suppose to be imitating Him, what does that look like?

I’d simply inquire: Are you bridging people to God or are you a barrier?

…Protect things
…Separate things
…Keep the one “Thing” that can help people out of reach
…Condemn things
…Are proud of the barriers they’ve built
…Hate the “Workers in the Vineyard” parable

…pray for God to save those that need it for their sake and not selfish reasons.
…allow unholiness to be in the presence of God (because God allows them too)
…unify people and don’t use “them” in their vernacular
…bless things
…are humbled when they have to fix some of the bridges
…love the criminal on the Cross story

God doesn’t need us to protect and “rep” Him. He’s got it.


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