I’m Crushing Your Head…

If you never watched Kids in the Hall back in the day, here is a short clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t4pmlHRokg

The Canadian version of SNL was stupid most of the time, but that was kind of the point. Like their American counterpart, SNL, and their British predecessor, Monty Python, I also found some bigger truth in the dumber comedy.

Kai and I were driving to football practice yesterday and he brought up perspective. He, on his own, was curious as to why things close to you are so big but when they are far away, they appear smaller. Like in the stupid clip I mentioned above, you can squish someone’s head if they are at a distance.

This plays out all the time in our psyche.

We manage problems/tension that aren’t close with comfort and ease, because they appear small. However, sometimes we struggle with smaller problems because they are closer. It’s all a matter of perspective and perspective is a matter of distance. The sad thing is most people in the “West” move away from problems because distance makes it appear smaller. We tend to worry about small things in big ways and big things in small ways.

We worry about gluten, book clubs, GT programs, PTO’s, making our kids play, our healthcare premiums increasing, “staycations”, etc. These are problems and things to think about, but come on! Really? These are tiny problems, they are just up close and personal. The Truth is they are minor in the 7+ billion population. They are 1st World problems.

Am not saying that you can’t discuss them and address them, but keep it in Biblical perspective. My diet and workout plan are relevant to me and my friends, but I can’t ignore that large groups of people would be able to survive with crates of Little Debbie snacks.

As you start to get angry, frustrated, or distraught by your concerns/problems, pull out something that can give you a bigger perspective. You know, to help you understand.

Wrong Perspective: The sun and the moon are the same size. The moon can block out the sun, therefore it is more important.
Right Perspective: Although the moon is closer, the sun is 400x wider, way more important to us, and even when the moon blocks it…the sun can still blind you.


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