Don’t just follow…


There are so many things to follow these days, but it’s worth the energy you put into it. (if you just clicked a button and that’s it, you just wasted time)

If you are not going to engage the person/organization/movement then you’ve wasted your time and inflated someone’s numbers (and possibly their head).

So simply limit the number you “follow” to the number that you can engage. If you follow 1000 people on twitter and instagram, you probably aren’t doing anything. If you are someone that has a ton of followers, find ways to authentically interact (even if it’s getting them to interact with one another). Social media has great potential but gets watered down by some superficial narcissism at times.

Quit asking for “followers”
Quit fishing for them as well.
Engage those that are already there, and if it’s worth anything, it will grow.

And don’t follow me so that I’ll follow you (this is a “strategy on twitter/instagram…and a dumb one at that). If everyone always “follows” each other, then who’s leading?

(you realize this Truth applies to all of your day-to-day relationships as well?)

…follow Seth


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