Nancy Kellond’s Wisdom

So Nancy and I were discussing my sermon from yesterday and she always says exactly the right thing, in the simplest of ways. (A gift I don’t possess).

Me: I’m always so exhausted after preaching. I can speak in front of groups and don’t feel this way, but if I’m called upon to deliver God’s message, I’m wiped. It’s just different. It’s like…like…?

Nancy: you’ve been used?

Me: exactly.

Nancy: I know.


One thought on “Nancy Kellond’s Wisdom

  1. A sheep in the flock...lead me, O Lord says:

    I hope that means you’ve received great blessings from being used by God…like a vessel, pouring his spirit upon us.
    I love to hear you preach, Ryan. You have great wisdom…clearly an amazing student of His word.
    I often times use the phrase, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” I’ve been learning how to focus on my own sin instead of that of others. I read in a book that when praying, instead of asking God to make someone…oh, like less selfish, hateful, greedy, possesive…or accept me, know my heart, etc. that instead I should pray something like, God please work in their life so that they are blessed and glorify you…and Lord, help me that I’m not selfish, unkind, self-centered, etc. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful place on this earth if we all just worried about “fixin'” ourselves, and leave others to God? So l loved how you changed the phrase I use often to, “Love the sinner, hate my sin.”
    Ryan, God has great uses for you…don’t grow weary. My prayer is that I will continue to receive His spirit though you…

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