Blame or Break?

What does your heart do towards those that you feel like don’t “get it”?

Not “getting it” could mean:

-vote the other party

-different religious view

-different family and/or education values

-different geographic loyalty (see city pride) (see sports team pride) (see patriotic nationalism)


The list is infinite and also irrelevant because the question isn’t whether you have a list or not.   WE ALL HAVE A LIST.  The question is “What is the posture of my heart towards them?”.


Do I have a heart that blames the problems of the world on those that I believe don’t “get it”?


Do I have a heart that breaks for them?


We obviously aren’t right about everything.  There is no way that you or I have everything 100% correct.  So if we aren’t right about everything really the only thing to “hang our hat” on at the end of the day is this one question.


Does my heart blame or break?


1peter4v8 & 1Cor.13v13

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