Can’t Shake It.

We all go through these moments where there is a disconnect between how we feel and the reality around us.  It’s like we can see that things are okay and that everything is going to be fine, but there is the unease that is pitted in our gut.  There becomes a frustration that begins to swell due to this dichotomy of “feeling” vs “how we should feel”.

You can’t explain it, because explaining irrationality always comes off like you’re a crazy person.  But it’s there.

These are critical moments that you can learn either to listen to your feelings or ignore them.

Although we live in a culture that screams “TRUST YOUR HEART!!!”, I would caveat that by adding “sometimes”.

Sometimes it’s just better to push through and realize that you’re feelings can be a great tool, or a vicious enemy.  I’m in one of these season, where I’m frustrated, but I can’t even explain why.  I just am.  So many people want me to talk about it, but when I do, I hear the crazy.  I’m healthy, my kids are healthy, my beautiful bride is healthy, we aren’t starving, etc etc etc.

These are moments to go hang out with real suffering to shake off the loathing.  I need to find where God is really redeeming things…where there is real suffering and not just 1st world problems.


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