Running Into The Fire

fire1A firefighter friend of mine recently posted something that really got me thinking.  “Firefighters are the ones who run toward’s danger to save others when everyone else is running away.”   And that is the truth isn’t it?  That’s also why we admire people like them so much.  They care about people deeply enough to risk their life to save others.  Sure, they get a paycheck, but we know that the risk/reward doesn’t really play in their favor.

I started to think about how this applies to me, the body of Christ, and the Kingdom.  There are “fires” going on all around us.  Are we the type of people that run into the fire or the people that are running away?  We are running away from schools because of numerous “fires”.  We are moving out of neighborhoods and towns because of these “fires”.  We create “safe” areas so that we aren’t affected by the “fires”.  But what’s happening to those who we’re running from?  With no one hanging around to speak truth, fight the fight, bring hope, peace, justice, and love what will become of them?  Is this really the mindset of those who have been charged with building the Kingdom?  Are only some called to live in the midst of danger, and the rest are called to flee and seek safety?  The idol of safety robs us from living fully into the life that God has called us into.  Making disciples isn’t safe.  Its messy and takes commitment.  Building the Kingdom isn’t safe.  It means spending time with those who are dying and it means going to where they are to bring life.

Look around at your life.  Are you running into or away from the “fires”?  It’s a question that I’m wrestling with daily.  I hope you’ll join me in repenting of the fear and idolatry, and having faith that God can create the courage and abandon it takes to turn around and go back into the fire.  Someone’s life is depending on it.  It might be the person you are going into the “fire” to save, by showing and teaching them the path to true life.  It might also be someone who was running away with you, who was running into a life filled with empty idolatry and fear, who saw you turn around and saw the conviction and power that propelled you to do that.  Or maybe you grab them by the arm, and just be honest and real about it.  Its scary, but the Kingdom is calling, lets go.



One thought on “Running Into The Fire

  1. bacfireman says:

    I agree with your thinking, except where schools, and a few other areas, are concerned, when it comes to children. They are too young and naive and vulnerable to be put into the fire of a system that is determined to undermine parental and Godly authority. Not all public schools are bad, and some still try to hold on to values, but many do not. Would you send your child into the fire of a a bar or a casino or a known drug house? Surely not, based on their maturity level and their inability to stand up and protect themselves. Many parents have made the choice to home school or have sacrificed to pay for a private education because they take seriously the Biblical mandate of “training up” their child in Godly Wisdom. They shouldn’t be condemned or spoken of as having turned their back on God’s work because of this decision. Now, I do hope that there are always mature Christian teachers and Administrators in all areas of the public arena. I do not believe that we should all pull out and hole up somewhere together, but we do need to seek and walk in Godly Wisdom in these situations.

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