My favorite evangelism tool – (Reach)

Some believe that evangelism is

…inviting them to church

…inviting them to an event

…standing on a street corner with the promises of God’s wrath

…or a marketing technique of the Church.

I believe it’s God’s people being God’s people.

The Truth is evangelism is just something a disciple does. It’s unavoidable for those that surrender their lives (egos) for God.  When God transforms your heart and you become aware of it, your life can’t help but be evangelistic.

So how do I do it?

What does it look like in my life?

What tools do I use to bring others into the “fold”?

I simply ask myself “How do I communicate externally what I’ve experienced internally so that others can receive it transformationally?”

Well I guess it isn’t as much a tool as it is a question, and I love great questions because the answer looks different in different situations.

There is an “art” to evangelizing when you have to answer this question. Sometimes I’ll think that I’ve figured it out only to be humbled by God with a new person.   The greatest revelation I’ve experienced from doing this is that I don’t see programs/process as the point, but rather people.  I’m not inviting them to church, a community, or a mission…I’m inviting them into Eternity.

This may seem simple but the difficultly lies in doing it because evangelizing in this way requires that you are always answering 3 questions:

  1. How does God communicate with this person?
  2. How has God changed me (sanctification)?
  3. How is God going to change (soften/harden) their hearts?

The beautiful outcome of this method (and we are Methodist), is that you are always asking for God and always looking for God… and what happens is that you get evangelized at the same time.

with humility,


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