Calling All People

People struggle with calling in life.  We call it different things depending on what lens we look at the world through.  As people of God (or people who are awake in knowing that they are!), I hear people wrestle with it quite often.  I’ve definitely had that inner monologue and outer conversation with others.   I think there are two basic levels to calling, but we get so focused on the secondary calling that we become useless and blinded to our main calling.

1.  First and foremost we are all called to love God.  And we love God, because He first loved us and has shown it to us in powerful ways, both historically and presently.   That is good news.  We use another word that mean’s “good news”, and that is the “Gospel”.  And so because we are so thankful for this Gospel, we are compelled and called to love it, live it, and share it.  We are called to celebrate God with our lives and to share and teach that love to/with others.  We are ALL called to do that.  It is at the core of what following God is about.  We love God because of who He is and what He’s done, doing, and will do.  We love Him and His ways so much that we want it for others, and we take the time to share it and show it.  We love God so much that we take the time to teach people how to look for Him and how to stay in rhythm with Him.  We long to see him get the praise He deserves, because we are so deeply grateful.  We long to see His Kingdom come.

2.  Our second calling is more of “vocation and location”.  No matter what job/career you end up in, your primary calling remains. No matter where you find yourself, your primary calling remains.  We spend so much time focused on this facet, that we forget to just be and love and share with those around us.  The second calling is just a vehicle for the first.

The truth is that many people who are blind to God struggle their whole lives here.  That is why no matter how much “success” or “accomplishment” they find here, they are still a little empty.  Some will find “calling” in their family, and while that is a much deeper and more noble endeavor, it is still a temporary thing.  Some day, sooner or later, it will be gone, and what will be left with as the primary thing in our lives?  Loving your family and friends is good, but its still an idol if not rooted in our true primary calling.

Do spiritual gifts come into play as they are anointed on us in the time of need?  Sure.  Does our ministry style or posture that God has given us matter? Sure.  But whether its these things or the “vocation and location”, they are all worked out in us through the seasons of life while we are living out our primary calling.

So, struggle with your secondary calling, but live deeply into your primary calling.  It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do, God has still redeemed us and loves us.  That’s something to celebrate everywhere and all the time.  And maybe we can all see that we spend a little too much time trying to “figure out” where and what we should be doing, and just trust a little more in the sovereignty of God and that right here, right now is where we are supposed to be… celebrating and telling of His great love for us all.

In Faith,



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