Audible Audibles


…I hear Christians complain that they never hear from God.

…I hear others that are skeptical of those that claim to have heard from God.

…And I hear others say that they only occasionally understand the will of God.


There is a term in football called an AUDIBLE.  (If you are a football fan, sorry.)  An AUDIBLE is a change of the original offense/defense play after the huddle.  After the coach or a coordinator calls in a play, an AUDIBLE is a change because something of the field has changed.

What I’m always impressed with is how smooth it goes the majority of the time.  I’m watching Wes Welker listen to Peyton Manning change the plays at the line time and time again.  Welker adjusts time and time again without a problem and I’m thinking “I wonder how much time was put in to prepare for these AUDIBLES”.


If you calculate both experience (previous time in games) and practice (time studying on the field, watching film, reading playbooks, and running the plays mentally), you’d understand why this isn’t as difficult as it seems on Sundays.

If you take what I was watching and filter my opening comments, you’ll notice something…there are reasons why we don’t hear from God.   We have to honestly ask “Are we preparing our hearts to hear from Him”.

Most Christians are expecting to hear from God on “game day” (just like Welker).  The difference is we do very little to prepare our hearts.  If most are preparing our hearts 2-4 hours a week (this is usually in bible studies or worship services) we are maxing out 3.57%* of our week.

We are, on average, giving God less 4% of “prep”.

I wonder how a football game would look if the team only prepared 4% of their week for the game?

I wonder how prepared we are for the play to change after the “huddles”?

*168 hours/week – 56hr for sleep.  4/112 = 3.57%

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