Over Sensitive


We were having a random conversation with our kids last week about the 5 senses we have. Lindsay is explaining them all while I was talking about how you don’t need them all to survive.

I was talking about reading with your hands (Braille) etc etc etc.

Then I started thinking about Ephesians 4. If your in our “tribe” you’d know we talk about the 5 giftings often.

We dream. We talk. We lament about the teacher/pastor only model.

…So the connective tissue here is “when you remove some senses your other senses become over sensitive”

This is good for someone with a disability….Can’t see, touch and hearing become heightened.

But in the church we have pushed out the apostles, prophets, and most of the evangelists. We have teachers and pastors galore, and like the senses they (pastoral and educational senses) have become “heightened”.

Because of the oversensitive teachers, we care way too much about dogma, orthodoxy, and doctrine. We become hindered to believe that you can’t act without the “law”, good systematic theology, reformed theology, or a certificate.  The modern day prophets keep us from falling in love with the books, the lectures, and the “celebrities”.  They also remind us that listening the Spirit of God is vital.

Because of the oversensitive pastors/shepherds, we care to much about peace internally. We become over protective of “our flock” and scared of “the world”, a different religion, or the “unclean”.  Apostles and Evangelists keep our sense for security in check because they raise the awareness and sense for others.

We don’t need to get rid of the pastor and teacher just put their importance back into perspective.

As Alan Hirsch says you can’t have Unity (Eph4v1-10) and Maturity (Eph4v13-16) without Diversity (Eph4v11-12)


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