Ice Water Church

Ice Bucket Challenge

So, like any good amateur anthropologist, I’ve been studying the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it’s viral spread.  

I’m not necessarily jumping on board but at the same time completely appreciate the phenomenon.

  • The money raised!!!
  • The belief that we need to be more aware and be more in the fight against this awful disease.
  • The community, the fun, the “brotherhood” that is generated on social media that is (in a very rich way) connecting us. 

All of those things are good and I’m supportive of those supporting.  Just because I occasionally ask “why are you doing this?” does not mean I’m saying “don’t do it!”.  I would ask someone that is planning on getting baptized the same thing.

The whole experience excites me honestly, but maybe for a different reason.  I’ve preached and taught on the 3 entry points into a relationship with God: Believe, Belong and Bless.  I’ve taught that there isn’t a hierarchy to those 3 elements.  


Some come to God through believing (orthodoxy, theology, doctrine, dogma),

…some belonging (orthoempathy, community, connection)

…and some blessing (orthopraxy, mission, purpose, calling).


The Ice Water Church that we are see forming has elements of all 3 firing on all cylinders and I guess that gives me hope to know that the 3 are alive and well in all of us.


We are a people that know we should be fighting for more.

We are a people that are taught to be narcissistic but ultimately we seek community.

We are a people that know our $10 or $100 could be used to multiply the fruit that we wish to see more of.


We aren’t dead, we just sometimes need a little ice water to wake us up.


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