Been Underground


So I haven’t written anything (publicly) in almost 5 months.  In that absence, not a lot has changed and much has changed.  The reality is no one has miss my voice and I’m not looking for…”yeah we have”.  It’s just not true (I can check analytics).

People need perspective that is “NOW”, or “yesterday” at a minimum.  With that being said, if you aren’t constantly blogging, people move on.  I understand that emotion because I tend to operate the same way.  I only go on twitter to read on something that is “NOW” and worth perspective(s).

So what’s going on “NOW” that was going on 5 months ago, will be what’s going on 5 months from now, and was a topic of interest 5 years ago

  1. People are fighting gay marriage
  2. Race is an issue
  3. The economy is an issue (gas prices are too cheap now)
  4. The “christian” right wants to kill people that believe differently that want to kill them
  5. Obama is a ________
  6. The missional “church” is screaming fire
  7. The traditional “church” is being gimmicky “This program is going to be different”
  8. The weather is either too hot/too cold depending on where you are standing
  9. There are 3 or 5 or 10 “Ways to reduce belly fat” other than what works (eating less, exercising more)
  10. God is good

So if I start writing again, great.  If I don’t, you don’t have to consume the next greatest thing because you’ll find it has a treadmill-like quality.  It will fatigue you and you won’t go anywhere.


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