I’m a racist against racists.


I confess this to you.

I realize that puts me categorically in place to get criticized (but the only way for that not to happen is to sit down, shut up and eat my vegetables)

Now I may publically attack racism that comes from white men*, but I don’t like any racism.

(*I have authority to speak on this because I grew up around a bunch of public/closet racist white men and now that I am a white man, I have to fight what is latent in me.  Every time that version of me rears it’s evil presence, I either pimp slap it or lead it into the light to be exposed for what it is – sin.  The “pimp slapping” is less effective I might add.*)

The Truth is it’s in all of us, and the “let’s ignore it or act like it’s in the past” crowd would rather point the finger elsewhere, make a political point, and act like it’s because of other “things”.

It’s not.

Most of us group together in a very tribal way with those that look and think like us.

I’m no different.  I have to work at spending time with all types of people.  It’s hard for most of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth striving for.

I’m not going to change anyone’s mind here, but this is rather a confessional striving in my life (and those closest to me).

I love the Huxley quote because I see people try to paint groups with one brush and it’s almost always a group that they have never really understood and subsequently are afraid of.  It’s okay to be afraid initially but it’s not okay to spread it.  (or share it on Facebook).

                “There is no fear in love” 1 John 4v18

I wrote as a confession so….

  • I confess that I’m a racist against racists.
  • I’ve seen the pain and destruction it has produced and it makes me angry.
  • I don’t like them and may God soften my heart.

Rudy Rasmus and I once grabbed a bite to eat (and maybe a beer) and he pointed out to me that maybe our theology is wrong because when put into practice it separates us. 

Not just on Sunday, but Monday through Saturday as well.


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