Baltimore (Take One)

When you think of the rioting, do you think of this?


Or do you remember the one in 1861?


Do you think of them as fighting tyranny?


Like the Arab Spring…

Or maybe when it signifies the fall of suppression?


Like the Berlin Wall.

Or maybe when the riots, protests and violence take down a monarchy?


Like the French Revolution…..which inspired others to revolt.


There are usually two responses to rioting and protesting.

One group that sees and understands because they can relate to the oppressed.

The other that can’t empathize at all because the systems/structure are security to their privilege.

In the past, we have dealt with the issues in different ways.

Sometimes it’s repression. (see China)

Sometimes it’s concession (see USA 1960s).

and today more than ever…..distraction.

However we should never be surprised because power/authority/privilege are always megaphones and magnifying glasses of sin.

(whoever holds the conch will always abuse it, Scripture and History repeats this over and over)

Always remember that one’s man terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter.

“I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!”


It’s hard for me because I’m against the violent and unjust, and I’m not sure who is which at times.


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