A Novel Idea


I’m never going to write this because I don’t read a lot of fiction so I don’t really see myself as a fiction writer.

I want someone to combine two ideas: Hunger Games* and Inside Out.

Basic premise: (which is free for anyone to steal) is that we are all born with a wide variety (more than just the 5 that Pixar went with) of emotions/perspectives.  These emotions all start off on equal ground but because the mind favors some emotions (because of either nature and/or nurture) some rise to prominence and control everything leaving the others starving and cold.

The outcome is that we get lopsided.

I’m guessing the system could fall apart (the conflict) when they’re is a major crisis of identity.

i.e.:  Mid-Life crisis, terminal diagnosis, empty nested, left by a loved one, etc.

It would play out like a revolution of the repressed part of the self, but the outcome would really be just reclaiming who you were before the world got ahold of you.

Parker Palmer wrote a great book on reclaiming the self years ago.

Anyways, if someone needed a paper to write for a psych or literature class (or a screen play)….create this…. I’d read or watch it.

*FYI  Hunger Games, Elysium, In Time, Fight Club and many other movies contain an old Hebraic teaching (Lev.25) called the Year of Jubilee (which never happened).  Jubilee (or the year of the Lord’s Favor) is when all is forgiven (crimes and debts) and a reset button is hit to give the next generation a fair chance to create a new future for themselves and their family.  Surprisingly this idea is mocked in many circles today while missing the fact that this a biblical teaching.  It’s about lighten a burden and giving hope to the hopeless.  It’s also about realizing that things get out of line from creation the further we are removed from it.  Not really a liberal idea as much as a teaching from Moses and Jesus.


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