sharing what inspires you


There is a tale that a man inspired by God once went out from the creaturely realms into the vast waste. There he wandered till he came to the gates of the Mystery.

He knocked.

From within came the Cry: “What do you want here?”.

He said, “I have proclaimed Your praise in the ears of mortal, but they were deaf to me. So I come to You that You Yourself may hear me and reply.”

“Turn back”, came the Cry from within. “Here is no Ear for you. I have sunk My Hearing in the deafness of mortals.”

-Martin Buber

It is good to proclaim what is True.
It is good to share what is inspiring.
It is good to attempt to explain the ineffable.
It is good to capture the depth, and the width.

No string to the responses.
No amplification with the deafness.
No frustration.
No re-explaining to exhaust a point.
No insecurity to the mockery of it all.
No expectancy.

What moves me may just move me.
I have to express the encounter at times to complete it.*
I also have to allow it be “dry” to everyone else.

There is no need to convince anyone that Something is transformative or True. The life I live will be the constant hum of that.

I will continue to share, but not for the purpose of persuading, but out of abundance of what God is doing in me.


God may just put His hearing into how I will speak when no one will listen.

To the deafness in myself.



*I once taught on Grace (Charis). It is like a dance where there are two partners. God, who leads and extends, and our accepting and participating. In the context of this post, somethings need expression (action) for there to be acceptance. I feel that I understand and accept God’s Grace when I practice the extension of It.*


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