You should (n’t) do that

“A crossfitter, a vegan, and an atheist walk into a bar, five minutes later, everyone in the bar knows.”

I love reading articles on health, fitness, and diets. I enjoy conversations with people that are passionate about it as well. One thing I have found is people have strong beliefs on what is “good” and healthy, and are vehemently opposed to what is “bad” and terrible for you.

  • Find someone that doesn’t eat bread, and I’ll likely find someone that will tell me the Voldemort-like evils of bread.
  • Find someone that doesn’t eat meat, and I’ll get to hear how everything in the meat is causing cancer.
  • Find someone that does Crossfit, and I’ll hear how it’s the only “real” way to get in shape and get results.

This is interesting to me, because the same phenomena exists in the religious realm.

  • Find someone that doesn’t drink, and they will let me know why drinking is sinful.
  • Find someone that doesn’t struggle with sexuality (hetero- or homo-) and they will let me know what “god” thinks of it.
  • Find someone that goes on mission trips, and they will tell me that everyone should be doing this.

Of course, these are not universal (and Lord knows, I’m not immune). We all can easily fall prey to this mentality. All of us run a risk of believing what we are able to resist (that we believe helps us) should be resisted by all. We also believe what we are able to do (that benefits us) should be accomplished by all.

When I’ve sat down with people that say there is an acceptable and unacceptable amount of sin, I’ve tried to show how what they are saying (most of the time) is how convenient God forgives all the sins they struggle with. …Or what is more deceptive is how God doesn’t forgive certain sins they see in those they haven’t forgiven.

So the guy that told me in the sauna the other day that fasting is terrible for your body and your metabolism, I’m glad eating 6 times a day is working for you.

And the guy a few weeks ago that told me those that don’t go to church are just hiding from a community that exposes sin, I’m happy that the weekly gathering is helping you in your journey.

…Just realize that your results, and more importantly, your attitude towards us that are still working things out will be more convincing than your newfound truth.



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