When they go high, we go low…


*Sorry to all 2 of my readers for not writing for a few months.  It seemed appropriate to listen more than give my opinion during this “noisy” season.

So I’ve been following the election race like most people the last few months and now that it’s over, I feel we are all going to experience a little adrenal fatigue.  We are all going to crash like college students crashing after cramming for a final for days and finally getting through the exam.

I’m sure I could write for days on how ridiculous things got (and could possibly get).  I saw things from all camps that made me shake my head, laugh out loud, and other moments where I just turned it off.  I never got mad nor thought I had to make a choice between one’s ridiculousness or the other’s.

Nothing that was said, expressed, or promised spoke to me and I was okay with that.

I did hear something in a glimpse that resonated for a moment:  “when they go low, we go high”.  It sounded like something that I could agree with.  Be above the dirt.  Rise above the slummin’. Don’t engage with “that”.

But alas.

When the “right” went low, it was an expression of Pride speaking.

Then when the “left” went high, it was an expression of Pride speaking.

Both parties were just saying the same thing:  “We are above Them”.

It seems like a no-win scenario.  In this election, maybe it was their only way.  Luckily Jesus wasn’t a politician.  He would lose our elections.  We “kill” people that speak and act like Him.  He was killed by the politicians of his day for saying what he said and doing what he did.

His message wasn’t “when they go low, we go high” but rather “when they go high, we go low”.  Not the low that is slanderous and childish.

His going low was an act of humility…it was washing Juda’s feet…it was turning cheeks and going the extra mile to those that wish you harm…it was riding into town on a donkey… and on and on and on

Pride is the name of the high ground where you can look down on others.  We are playing a giant game of king of the hill.  Some try to move up to higher ground by pushing others down.  That game is simple to see.  The trickier (more devious) game is played by those that try to move higher up by looking down on others that play the obvious game.

The problem lies in where God resides.  He is above us and it is impossible to see, notice and emulate God when we see the Other as below us.

Humility places us in a position that makes us look in one direction: up.



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