Who’s Ryan

Forgiven. Humbled. a Son. a Father. a Groom. Groomed, but unkept. Wise, but ignorant. Addicted. a Lover & a Fighter. Hyper. Hyper changing diapers. Runner. Nomadic. Preacher. Teacher. a passion for running Bleachers. Caffeinated. Uninhibited. Passionate. Loud. Proud. a mind in the Clouds. Resourceful. Thankful. my largest Critic. the biggest seller of your Tickets. Embracing. Pacing. never done Racing. Reflective. Defective. a Detective. a Contradiction. a Concoction. Confidently-Humble. Funny.  not about the Money. only one’s Honey. Cool-headed. Non-regretting. Embedded.


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